Saturday, October 21, 2017
Schwartzi Corydoras

Schwartzi Corydoras Information

Schwartz's Corydoras is very popular now in the aquarium trade for community aquariums due to their favorable size, personality and attractive markings on the body. Look inside for more info on these cute personal fish.
Cockatoo Cichlid

Cockatoo Cichlid Information

The Cockatoo Cichlid is sometimes known as the big mouth cichlid due to its large mouth. Find out more information on this dazzling looking fish inside!

Green Spotted Puffer Information

the green spotted puffer is great for a small centerpiece aquarium as long as you are ok with brackish water conditions. Learn more about the green spotted puffer fish inside!

Betta Fish Information

The male Betta is one of the most popular fish for any beginner as well as most beautiful. Check out more information on the Betta and if they are right for your aquarium!

Rosy Red Minnow Information

The Rosy Red Minnow might be just a feeder fish to some but is also a very nice addition to the aquarium. Find out more about the Rosy Red Minnows and if they are right for your aquarium.
Freshwater Angelfish pterophyllum scalare

Freshwater Angelfish Information

This Freshwater Angelfish is one of the most popular fish in the aquarium trade due to its characteristic shape, broad range of colors and patterns available. Find out more about these arrow shaped fish inside.

Silver Arowana Information

Read up more about the Silver Arowana and their amazing strength to leap for their food out of water.

Dwarf corydoras Information

Small, Cute, and a Great Cleaner - check out the Dwarf Corydoras for all three of these qualities for your aquarium. Find out more inside!

Julii Corydoras Information

The Julii Corydoras is a very social and active bottom feeder, getting along with all other nano catfishes. Check out more about the Julii Corydoras inside!

Kuhli Loach Information

With it's eel shaped body, the Kuhli loach is a personal favorite and an easy fish to take care for any experience hobbyist. Learn more about Kuhli loach and if they are right for your aquarium