Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Swordtails Fish Information

Swordtail fish are probably known by everyone in the aquatic hobby but are they right for you? Check out inside all about swordtail fish

Tiger barb Information

Want to bring alittle shoaling action inside your aquarium? Then check out Tiger barbs; with their playful personality and striking black tiger stripes - then are a great addition to any large size aquarium. Find out more inside.

Endler’s livebearer Information

The Endler Livebearer is a nano, hardy, and beautiful fish for any beginner hobbyist. They are similar to fancy guppies and love be kept in schools. Find out more inside!

Chinese Algae Eater Information

Algae problems? Check out the Chinese Algae Eater for aggressive algae eating. Read more inside if the Chinese Algae Eater is right for your aquarium.

Redtail Catfish Information

The Redtail Catfish is one of the largest and sought after large fish in the freshwater aquariums. More information inside about the Redtail catfish and if they are right for you!

Glass Catfish Information

The Glass Catfish is one of the more interesting schooling fish in the aquatic world. Find out more inside!

Bandit Corydoras Information

The Bandit Corydoras are definitely a great little sucker to have in the aquarium. These little bandits will steal your heart instantly. Find out more about Bandit Corydoras inside!

Green Spotted Puffer Information

the green spotted puffer is great for a small centerpiece aquarium as long as you are ok with brackish water conditions. Learn more about the green spotted puffer fish inside!

Rainbow shark Information

The rainbow shark is the lesser aggressive fish versus it's sibling red-tail shark. With all it's fins being red in color, it's truly a one of a kind fish to have in your aquarium. Check out more about the Rainbow Shark and if they are right for your aquarium.

Dwarf Gourami Information

Looking for an easy community fish? Then look no further with the Dwarf Gourami. Learn more about Dwarf Gouramis inside!