Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Fancy Guppy Information

Their flaring colors and beautiful tails make the fancy guppy one of the colorful nano fish in the freshwater aquatics. Check out more about the Fancy Guppy inside!

Bronze corydoras Information

Bring some bottom dwelling activity to your aquarium with the Bronze Corydoras. These little guys are corky and all around fun to watch. Learn more about Bronze Corydoras and if they are right for your aquarium.

Fancy Goldfish Information

The Fancy Goldfish is one of the most common and well-known fish by all hobbyists. With it's bubbly personality and corky movements, they are sure a delight to watch in any aquarium. Learn more about Fancy Goldfish and if they are right for your aquarium.

Tinfoil Barb Information

Brighten up the aquarium with a Tinfoil Barb. With it's silver scales and beautiful red-fins; it's always a great addition to any larger size aquarium. Learn more about Tinfoil Barb inside!

The Black Skirt Tetra Information

Black Skirt Tetras are highly active shoaling fish, which will typically attack one another. Even though, they are very hardy fish and actually great for beginner hobbyists. Check out more inside to see if the Black Skirt Tetras are right for you!

Chinese Algae Eater Information

Algae problems? Check out the Chinese Algae Eater for aggressive algae eating. Read more inside if the Chinese Algae Eater is right for your aquarium.

Harlequin Rasbora Information

The Harlequin Rasbora is a simple schooling to care for as well as beautiful with it's copper metallic and onyx black dorsal area. Find out more if these pumpkin color fish are right for your aquarium.

Endler’s livebearer Information

The Endler Livebearer is a nano, hardy, and beautiful fish for any beginner hobbyist. They are similar to fancy guppies and love be kept in schools. Find out more inside!

Leopard Corydora Information

The Leopard Cory's are a real treat to have for any substrate especially if you want a clean sand bed. Find out more about the Leopard Cory inside!

Bala shark Information

Bala shark has a distinct black tips on all their ray fins, even for their name - Bala shark's aren't aggressive. Learn more about the misunderstood Bala sharks and if they are right for your aquarium.