Saturday, October 21, 2017

Green Spotted Puffer Information

the green spotted puffer is great for a small centerpiece aquarium as long as you are ok with brackish water conditions. Learn more about the green spotted puffer fish inside!

Glass Catfish Information

The Glass Catfish is one of the more interesting schooling fish in the aquatic world. Find out more inside!

Cherry Barb Information

Cherry Barbs show off their bright red colors to show off for mating season. Check out more about Red Cherry Barbs and if they are suitable for your aquarium.

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Silver Arowana Information

Read up more about the Silver Arowana and their amazing strength to leap for their food out of water.

Tinfoil Barb Information

Brighten up the aquarium with a Tinfoil Barb. With it's silver scales and beautiful red-fins; it's always a great addition to any larger size aquarium. Learn more about Tinfoil Barb inside!
Firemouth Cichlid

Firemouth Cichlid Information

The Firemouth is a very beautiful fish with lots of personality. Find out more information about the Firemouth Cichlid inside!

Redtail Catfish Information

The Redtail Catfish is one of the largest and sought after large fish in the freshwater aquariums. More information inside about the Redtail catfish and if they are right for you!

Bumblebee Catfish Information

Like the yellow/black stripes of a bumblebee? well then maybe a Bumblebee Catfish might be right up your alley! Check out these guys to see if they might be right for your aquarium.

Red Tail Shark Information

The Red Tail Shark is one of the more aggressive fish in the freshwater aquariums. With it's crimson red tail, this fish marks it's territory in your aquarium and loves to guard it with all it's might. Find out more about the Red Tail Shark and if they are right for your aquarium.