Thursday, February 22, 2018

Glass Catfish Information

The Glass Catfish is one of the more interesting schooling fish in the aquatic world. Find out more inside!

Figure 8 Puffer Fish Information

Looking for a cute peaceful freshwater puffer? then the Figure 8 Puffer Fish might be right for you! Find out more inside!

Dwarf corydoras Information

Small, Cute, and a Great Cleaner - check out the Dwarf Corydoras for all three of these qualities for your aquarium. Find out more inside!

Chinese Algae Eater Information

Algae problems? Check out the Chinese Algae Eater for aggressive algae eating. Read more inside if the Chinese Algae Eater is right for your aquarium.

Bumblebee Catfish Information

Like the yellow/black stripes of a bumblebee? well then maybe a Bumblebee Catfish might be right up your alley! Check out these guys to see if they might be right for your aquarium.

Bronze corydoras Information

Bring some bottom dwelling activity to your aquarium with the Bronze Corydoras. These little guys are corky and all around fun to watch. Learn more about Bronze Corydoras and if they are right for your aquarium.

Bristlenose Pleco Information

The Bristlenose Pleco are a great addition to any algae infested aquarium. Find out more about these funny nose sucker fish inside!

Betta Fish Information

The male Betta is one of the most popular fish for any beginner as well as most beautiful. Check out more information on the Betta and if they are right for your aquarium!

Bandit Corydoras Information

The Bandit Corydoras are definitely a great little sucker to have in the aquarium. These little bandits will steal your heart instantly. Find out more about Bandit Corydoras inside!

Tinfoil Barb Information

Brighten up the aquarium with a Tinfoil Barb. With it's silver scales and beautiful red-fins; it's always a great addition to any larger size aquarium. Learn more about Tinfoil Barb inside!