Let’s start out with the basics! What is interbreed or crossbreed? Well interbreed or crossbreed refers to the process of breeding an animal, shrimp, most of the time with the goal to obtain offspring that share the traits of both parent lineages, or producing an animal with hybrid strength. A very common question among beginning shrimp breeders is what shrimp, or will my shrimp interbreed – or crossbreed. Well basically, a hybrid shrimp is just a mutt breed of two different shrimp. While sounding awesome and cool, creating hybrid breeds aren’t always the best thing to do as they can cause imperfections and weak traits in your shrimp.

With the basics of shrimp crossbreeding, you cannot stick any shrimp of the same genus together. A genus is the first word of the scientific name of a shrimp. Now let’s put it into perspective. Red Cherry Shrimp, which are also called Cherry Red Shrimp, Cherry Shrimp, Fire Red Shrimp, Painted Fire Red Shrimp, Sakura Red Shrimp and many more! The scientific name for Red Cherry Shrimp is Neocaridina heteropoda. Neocaridina being the genus and heterpoda being the species. With this knowledge, you cannot have two Neocaridina together to crossbreed. A good example of interbreeding or crossbreeding is having a Neocaridina and a Caridina in the same aquarium together.

Shrimp do not follow the standard breeding of other species where you can combine the best characteristics. You can’t breed a Blue Pearl Shrimp with a Red Cherry Shrimp and immediately gain a Purple Shrimp, which is a more advanced method of breeding. For more advanced breeding information, check out Selective Breeding.

So, the most common question a beginning shrimp breeder with have is will my shrimp interbreed – or crossbreed? Here is a Shrimp Crossbreeding Chart that will list the different working variations of interbreeding or crossbreeding shrimp.

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