Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Plecostomus Information

The Pleco or common suckermouth catfish is great for any large size aquarium with all sorts of different fish. Find out more inside if The Plecostomus is right for your aquarium!

Paty Information

Platy or moonfish are a great beginner community fish. They are hardy, active, and easy to breed. Find out more inside!

Clown Loach Information

Bring in the cute and fun looking Clown loaches into your aquarium. Learn more about the Clown Loach and if they are right for your aquarium.

Bala shark Information

Bala shark has a distinct black tips on all their ray fins, even for their name - Bala shark's aren't aggressive. Learn more about the misunderstood Bala sharks and if they are right for your aquarium.

Archerfish Information

Learn more about the Archerfish and how they shoot their prey with precision aim. Find out more about the Archerfish and if they are right for your aquarium.

Silver Arowana Information

Read up more about the Silver Arowana and their amazing strength to leap for their food out of water.

Harlequin Rasbora Information

The Harlequin Rasbora is a simple schooling to care for as well as beautiful with it's copper metallic and onyx black dorsal area. Find out more if these pumpkin color fish are right for your aquarium.
Firemouth Cichlid

Firemouth Cichlid Information

The Firemouth is a very beautiful fish with lots of personality. Find out more information about the Firemouth Cichlid inside!
Convict Cichlid

Convict Cichlid Information

Convict Cichlid is a one of the more popular fish in the cichlid world, very protective of their territory and babies. Find out more information about the Convict Cichlid inside!
Schwartzi Corydoras

Schwartzi Corydoras Information

Schwartz's Corydoras is very popular now in the aquarium trade for community aquariums due to their favorable size, personality and attractive markings on the body. Look inside for more info on these cute personal fish.