Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is stronger, heavier and much more like a stone once petrification occurs; which makes it a great addition to aquascaping!

Mopani Driftwood

Mopani Driftwood Origins The Mopani Driftwood originates in parts of Africa from the famous Mopani (Mopane) tree. Typically harvested from old branches and the trunk that...

Manzanita Driftwood

With a smooth twisting branches usually in a hue of red to orange color, the manzanita driftwood is one of the more sought after hardscapes in the aquascaping world.

Unzan Stone

Unzan Stones are also typically column stones, creating pillars like mountains within your aquascape. They will tower over your aquascape like skyscrapers in a city!

Ohko Stone

The crater surface that the Ohko stone has; creates a thousands of mini-caves and nooks for planting moss and plants alike.

Ryuoh Stone

With a grey silver hue and white veins, the Ryuoh stone is the new replacement stone of Seiryu Stone.

Yamaya Stone

The Yamaya Stone don't have a strong characteristic with it's shapes or surface but it's a great filler stone for any aquascape.

Manten Stone

Created by millions of years of erosion and fusing from pressure; The Manten stone is a rock that emulates a miniature mountainous characteristic.