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Current USA Single Ramp Timer for Aquarium

Product Description

Simulate a steady sunrise and sunset each day! The Single Ramp Timer is a completely programmable 24 hour LED lights controller that no longer best turns your lights off and on, but in addition simulates a steady sunrise and sunset in your critters. Designed for both freshwater and marine aquariums, it is very simple to make use of and slowly acclimates animals to the intense light that LEDs produce. This slow acclimation is helping cut back stress steadily due to unexpected light intensity changes and offers a more natural rhythmic day-to-day light cycle. On the pre-programmed “on” time, the Single Ramp Timer slowly begins to mimic a morning sunrise and lightly increases the lights level to full brightness over 15 mins. When the programmed “off” time is reached, it step by step dims the sunshine over 15 mins before turning off, simulating a soft dusk to nighttime effect.
Simulates a steady sunrise and sunset
Reduces stress in fish and different animals
Plug-and-play, simple to make use of and program

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