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Archaea Aquatic Plant LED fixture Review

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Archaea Aquatic Plant LED


The ARCHAEA “PRO Aquatic Plant Series” LED Lighting System uses a specially designed LED lamp dedicated for growing aquatic plants, which provides the proper amount of light output that promotes strong photosynthesis activity and ensures that the aquatic plants (includimg red stem plants and ground cover that demand high output lighting) to thrive and stay healthy.

This fixture is not only ultra low profile, light weight and power efficient, but also supplied with adjustable mounting legs that can be adapted on various lengths of an aquarium for greater flexibility.


From my experience, the intensity is great for an aquarium looking to grow medium-high light aquatic plants. I own one for my 6 gallon Fluval Edge chopped top and it produces beautiful plant growth. The light is 8 inches above the substrate, which is suitable for a lot of nano tanks.


The Archaea Aquatic Plant LED is a very elegant looking LED light. They don’t call it “slim-pro” for nothing, with its sleek little curved feet to the thinness of the head-unit itself. It really is a power punch product in a small package.


The Archaea Slim-Pro doesn’t seem to produce much heat because of its LED’s and slight heatsink in its head-unit. You can definitely can feel a bit of warmth to the touch, but its effective heat dispersion prevents it from getting  too hot over time. Also, its effect on the water temperature is negligible.


Even though the Archaea Slim-Pro is a great LED light that produces awesome intensity, there are a few hiccups with it. First, the leg clamps seem to be very fragile, with me already having a crack on one within a few weeks from just performing regular tank maintenance. The second I’ve heard of is a few people with HOB (hang of back filters) have had water actually splash and get inside the actual head-unit. (Clonazepam) I have yet to experience it with either my canister filter or HOB.


[alert title=”Default Big DEFAULT Alert!!!” block=”yes”]TIP: When selecting a light, you should first know what aquarium tank you are getting, plants you want to grow, and even shrimp/fish you are going to have. After all these factors are considered, then you can select which lighting is most ideal for your setup.[/alert]

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