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1 Branched Piece of Cholla Wood (5″+)

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Product Description

Cholla Wooden is an implausible and natural method to lower and buffer PH. That is the one more or less driftwood utilized by Aquatic Arts for all in their low-ph tanks, together with Crystal Red and Crystal Black shrimp. It looks really nice in aquariums, and shrimp like to graze for biofilm at the surfaces of the Wooden.

The Wooden has already been wiped clean and cured, and is in a position for aquarium use and not using a preparation. If you wish to steer clear of excess tannins within the water, you’ll be able to also boil it before use. The cholla Wooden might take a little time to sink to the ground of your tank (regularly 1 to 2 days). (Valium)

Washed and Cured, this Cholla Wooden is in a position for aquarium use out of the box.
Lowers and buffers PH – very best for lowering PH lightly and of course.
Produces ideal water stipulations for acidic-loving animals.
Nice for planting plant buds and anchoring moss.
This order includes 1 branched piece of driftwood that may be a minimum of 5 inches in length.

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