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Current USA Satellite Plus PRO 36″-48″ LED Freshwater Aquarium Light w/Wireless Controller

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Product Description

The brand new Satellite Plus PRO is not simply brighter – it is better in each and every manner. Producing more light, upper color rendition, and offering more Keep an eye on features, it is easy completeness. In particular designed for freshwater aquariums, the adjustable full spectrum of sunshine is easiest for strong plant growth even as producing vivid colors and brilliant shim-mer effects. More tough in each and every aspect than its predecessor, the Satellite Plus PRO is an implausible light that defines a brand new generation of simplicity. Optimized Brightness – Top power, energy efficient SMD LED chips generate Top PAR and lumens for strong plant growth and bring stunning shimmer. The 6,500K white LEDs combined with RGB (red, green, blue) provides adjustable color spectrum Keep an eye on for eye-popping color rendition. This tough combination of color spectrums provides the easiest balance of sunshine for even essentially the most demanding freshwater aquaria and planted aquascapes. Improbable Keep an eye on – Now you’ll be able to wirelessly program and Keep an eye on on the subject of the whole thing! With the integrated 24-hour timer serve as, you’ll be able to also program what time to begin a gentle sunrise, gentle sunset and both the colour spectrum and intensity of your daylight and moonlight. Simple to program, the controller features: • 24 hour on/off time with a 15 minute ramp up (sunrise) and dim down (sunset) • Adjustable day and moonlight color spectrum and intensity • Six dynamic effects and presets including cloud cover, fading lunar, hurricane and lightning • Simple programming by way of wireless IR remote or touch key pad • Four freshwater optimized preset colors • Two memory locations for custom color spectrums.
What’s Included: LED Fixture, Transformer, and Digital Timer w/Wireless Remote
Wireless 24 hr. timer for on/off, slow ramp/dim, moonlight and dynamic hurricane effects.

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    Current USA Satellite Plus PRO 36″-48″ LED Freshwater Aquarium Light w/Wireless Controller

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