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Maxspect Razor LED Lighting System – 120W – 16000K

R420r M16000 120 8333123

Product Description

The energy efficient R420R Lighting fixtures system utilizes the recent LED Technology for prime performance, top intensity aquarium illumination. This ultra sleek, low profile fixture is designed to blend seamlessly into your living house whether or not mounted at the tank or suspended. Every fixture features a mixture of Cree XLamp, XT-E and XP-E LED chips, topped with 90-degree optics. PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) is optimized for enhanced coral growth and color. This model draws 120W of power, but can out-carry out 400w metal halide fixtures. This fixture’s aerodynamic design is both sexy and practical. This profile and the 100 percent aluminum body draws cool air from beneath the fixture, dissipating warmth during the chassis. Pre-installed, temperature-controlled fans turn on when the temperature rises past 120F. R420R Lighting fixtures Systems are user programmable with 2 channels and 6 time-points. Customize the photo-period on your inhabitants and completely keep watch over the intensity of sunshine the tank receives right through the day. The Razor M16000 120W Lighting fixtures system is designed to offer all ranges of color spectrum required by corals and plants for enhanced growth rate and luxurious coloration. It includes 6 cool white 8000K LEDs, 6 heat-white 3000K LED’s, 9 blue 465nm-485nm LED’s, 12 royal blue 450nm-465nm LED’s, and 6 super actinic 410nm-420nm LED’s, the spectrum the most important a hit Chlorophyll A photosynthesis in reefs or planted aquariums. The fixture comes with both a pendant mount putting kit and tank-most sensible mounting frame (adjustable from 28.3 in. – 42.5 in.), to fit your wishes. Overall fixture dimensions: 20.5 in.x 10 in.x 0.9 in. For complete product information see the detailed manufacturer’s Owners Manual and Spec Sheet .
The Razor Lighting fixtures system has a low profile body.
The Razor Lighting fixtures system comes with an aerodynamic design, which pulls cool air from beneath the fixture.
The Lighting fixtures system comes with a tank-most sensible mounting frame, and pendant mounting kit.

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    Maxspect Razor LED Lighting System – 120W – 16000K

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