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Shirakura Yellow Micro-organism Powder for Live Aquarium Shrimp Crystal Red Cherry Sakura

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Product Description

You’re winning 1 Shirakura Micro-organism Yellow Powder
– Studies by Hokkaido University, Japan has proven that baby shrimps have higher likelihood of survival by feeding at the micro-organism. But even so, the micro-organism consumes the waste of shrimp, so you’ll save time with less water-adjustments.
2 feet tank 1 flat spoon on a regular basis. 3 feet tank 1 full spoon on a regular basis.
– Micro-organism will hatch and grow from this yellow powder. Micro-organism is essential in shrimp or fish tank, as baby shrimp and fish is eating most commonly this – This product is vital for healthy baby shrimp and fish because it supply food for the small children and scale back their death rate. – The micro-organism will assist to unravel organic contaminants at the gravel and stay the gravel blank – After a couple of weeks get started adding this, you may also feel clarity of water and colour of shrimp improved. – Many users continue to fortify this product because it was once first introduce 10 years ago in Japan. It’s currently the most productive promoting micro-organism for shrimps out there now.

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