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Snow White Shrimp Information

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Introduction to Snow White Shrimp

The Golden Bee Shrimp is a charming shrimp to keep. Some refer to it as “All-White Crystal Red Shrimp”, “Golden Crystal Red Shrimp,” or “Snow White Shrimp” but for me I like calling it Golden Bee Shrimp. It is a very kind shrimp to rare and very cool in person.

The Snow White Shrimp’s Background

I don’t really have any clue as far as the history of Snow White Shrimp species is concerned. I neither know where the shrimp originated nor who selectively bled them. I have this idea that the shrimp species could be a cross between an Orange Bee Shrimp and nearly all white Crystal red Shrimp. I could be wrong but this is the only finest guess I have. It is thrilling that the orange coloration in this shrimp occurs in the flesh rather than on the shell. This is a trait that I have not spotted in any of my normal Crystal Red Shrimp. I have also consulted a number of breeders and none of them is familiar with the origin of the snow white shrimp. The highest probability is that it came from Japan.

Breeding Golden Bee Shrimp

The Golden Bee Shrimp can reproduce as readily as other Caridina species. Breeding the Golden Bee Shrimp is almost the same as that of Crystal Red Shrimp. As long as the water parameters are favorable and the water is clean, the shrimp will produce lots of offspring. It is also said that Golden Bee Shrimp can be easily cross bred with the Crystal Red Shrimp. There are also some breeders who keep the two species together in the hope of getting a Crystal Red Shrimp breed of a high grade.

Snow White Shrimp Sexing

Sexing the Snow White Shrimp may be a bit difficult especially at juvenile stage. Once the females attain adulthood then one can easily distinguish between the sexes, or at least tell which are females. This is because the females have a broad curved underbelly and they are also bigger in size. Check the size difference and more considerably the underbelly. It is however close to impossible to spot the saddle of the female Golden Bee Shrimp due to the red coloration. You may however perceive the saddle due to the fact that it is a browning color and it may contrast well with all-white shrimp.

Feeding Snow White Shrimp

It is recommended that you feed the shrimp once a day. You should feed the Snow White Shrimp with an amount that they will easily consume within a maximum of 2-3 hours’ time limit. One should not overfeed the shrimp since this food will sit in the tank for so long. This results to some water quality issues and there have also been reports of shrimp death due to overfeeding. The Golden Bee Shrimp is not very different from other algae eating shrimps. They are algae eaters as well as scavengers. The food that is mainly used includes pre-made Snow White /Golden Bee Shrimp food, spinach, seaweed, bloodworms, and algae wafer. There are some few different sizes of the food and also some different brands of Snow white Shrimp food as well as of the powder food for young shrimp. Mosura, Tantora, Shirakura, and Biomax are a few of the more preferred and popular brands.

Snow White Shrimp/Golden Bee Shrimp for Sale and Where to Buy

The Golden Bee Shrimp are usually a hobbyist shrimp and not the type that will be found selling in fish stores. Specialty aquascaping stores at times will keep Golden Bee Shrimp/Snow White Shrimp or one can order and have the shrimp delivered to them. If you can’t locate any specialty stores carrying Snow White or Golden Bee Shrimp for sale, here is a list of a few online vendors you can buy from that I would recommend.

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