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Manten Stone

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Manten Stone Origins

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Originating from Japan, the Manten stone is commonly used in Iwagumi layouts. These stones are usually collected at higher elevations of a mountainside, where rocks typically show “fusing”-type characteristics. Even though the Manten stone’s name originated in Japan from the famous Amano Takashi, Manten-style rocks can be found in all parts of the world with mountains that are considered dormant volcanoes. Usually, the higher the elevation of the mountain, the more fusing and crack characteristics you will find in the Manten stones. (Ambien)

Manten Stone Description

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Created by millions of years of erosion and fusing from pressure, the Manten stone is a rock that emulates a miniature mountainous characteristic. With its warm earth tones, the Manten stone is ideal for aquascapers looking to produce a nature aquarium with their aquascape. Shapes of the Manten stones do vary with color, but the inconsistency is where it produces realism.

How do you identify Manten Stone?

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If the pigment of rock isn’t the actual stone’s feature, what classifies it as a Manten? From what I’ve found out from many aquascapers, it is valued for its earthly tones, unique cracks, and texture that bring life into a dull aquascape. It is able to create a real dimension in a nature aquarium that a lot of other rocks fail to achieve.

Specs for Manten Stones

  • Type:  Igneous Rock
  • pH: Not Likely to Rise
  • gH: Not Likely to Rise
  • kH: Not Likely to Rise
  • Shrimp Safe: Safe for All

Manten Stones are an igneous rock that are created from the magma of a volcano. These sorts of rocks are typically safe for any type of fauna in an aquarium, but because rocks do get mis-classified all the time, it’s always best to test parameters with your Manten stones before adding them into your aquascape.

Manten Stones for Sale & Where to BuyADA Manten Stone Skaly Manten Stone For Sale And Information Redcherryshrimp

If you live near a mountain that is considered a dormant volcano, it could be your best bet in getting some free Manten Stones for your next aquascape. I’ve found parts of Nevada, Idaho, and Utah to have these sorts of stones. So just because Amano Takashi introduced them into the aquascaping world, doesn’t mean Japan is the only place you can acquire these stones. There is a few vendors that do sell Manten stones, but are asking upwards of about $8/lb. for them. Check out the list below for Vendors selling Manten Stones online.


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