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Ryuoh Stone Origins

The Ryuoh Stone is a known replica of Seiryu Stones. It’s said that the Ryuoh stones come from Japan, but many parts of the United States and UK have areas of similar rocks that can be considered Ryuoh Stones.

These rocks are widely used in Iwagumi layouts and creating impressive focal points in an aquascape. They are typically found around large limestone deposits. It is unknown at this time any additional areas where they can be found.

Ryuoh Stone Description

With a grayish-silver hue and white veins, the Ryuoh stone is the new replacement stone over Seiryu stones. Ryuoh stones have different subtle features, like being a bit more jagged and bolder than the Seiryu stone.

Ryuoh stones come in different shapes and sizes, but aquascapers typically use them to create huge rock cliffs and unique ledges. One well-placed massive Ryuoh rock can make your aquascape really shine.

What’s the Difference between Ryuoh and Seiryu?

This question comes up a lot in forums. Because of the banned exportation of Seiryu stone from Japan, the Ryuoh stone has become the new frontrunner in the aquascaping world outside of Japan. Although Ryuoh stones have a lot more crevices and edges, the Seiryu stone is known for its blueish hue with pure white veins. People tend to mis-classify these because of the same characteristics but the bottom line is if the stone is not blue, it’s probably not a Seiryu stone. Check out Seiryu stones for more information.

Specs for Ryuoh Stone

Ryuoh Stones are limestones that are believed to have come from Japan. They are a metamorphic type of rock, so they will raise your pH over time. Either get some ADA Amazonia Aquasoil, driftwood, or hopefully have soft water to counteract this. Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend anything like Crystal Red Shrimp or more sensitive type of shrimp unless you are experienced in shrimp keeping.

  • Type: Metamorphic Rock
  • pH: Likely to Rise
  • gH: Likely to Rise
  • kH: Likely to Rise
  • Shrimp Safe: Red Cherry Shrimp, Ghost/Glass Shrimp, Amano Shrimp, Rili Shrimp

Ryuoh Stone for Sale & Where to Buy

Ryuoh stones can be found by some quarries, bonsai shops, and I’ve heard of some aquarium stores that carry them. There are tons of vendors online selling Ryuoh stones, some actually showing pictures of actual product. I suggest either looking locally for Ryuoh stones for sale. ( If that fails, find a dealer online that lets you pick out stones from their inventory. Ryuoh stones typically sell for around $7-8/lbs. but I’ve heard of people getting them a lot cheaper at bonsai shops or quarries in the United States.

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