4 Pros and Cons of Living in Arizona

4 Pros and Cons of Living in Arizona

Considering a move to the Grand Canyon State? It could be the best choice you’ve ever made!

Arizona is the 7th most popular state in the country, and it continues to grow. So what makes this arid, southwestern location prime real estate? 

In addition to hosting one of the world’s seven wonders, the Grand Canyon, there are many other advantages Arizona residents have. However, there are a few not-so-popular parts about this state, too.

Before you decide if it’s right for you, here are some pros and cons about living in Arizona you should know.

1. The Geography Has it All

Arizona has incredibly diverse geography. You can visit deep canyons the same day you hike up into one of the many mountain ranges. 

 This same variety of landscapes means you can have almost any temperature you want simply by driving a few hours. The climate ranges from 40°F to 105°F throughout the year. Unless you head to the top of the mountains, you usually don’t have to deal with snow.

There are a few lakes in the state for water-lovers, but you won’t find any oceanfront property. Although, if sweltering summers aren’t your style, you’ll need to get used to them to become an AZ resident.

2. The Vegetation is (Weed)-Friendly

When you picture Arizona, you can’t have a full view without adding some cactus plants growing out of the ground. The temperate climate is perfect for vegetation like palo verde and mesquite trees, creosote shrubs, and multiple species of cacti.

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And now, since recent legislation passed medical and recreational marijuana use, you can add cannabis to the list of plants growing here.

For those with the goal of finding a weed-friendly state to reside in, Arizona meets your criteria. Adults over 21, patients, and caregivers can buy marijuana in dispensaries all over the state. Veriheal makes it easy to find your nearest dispensary on their site here.

On the downside, the state has one of the highest excise taxes in the country (16%) for recreational weed. 

3. You Can Always Find Some Sunshine

Do you suffer from SAD-ness? Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real diagnosis. It impacts millions of people who live in climates where the sunshine is limited. 

SAD is linked with the changes of seasons. It occurs every year around the same time, whenever your area’s climate begins to get cloudy and dark. 

You could have more than the “winter blues” if this is a regular thing for you. Moving to a state like Arizona, where there are at least 300 days of sunshine every year, is the perfect solution.

It’s easy to plan your days off when you know the sun will be shining and the weather will be consistently warm. 

Something to be aware of, though, is that these sunny days are also dry and arid. You’ll need lots of moisturizing lotion and sunblock daily. 

Staying hydrated is a necessary, vital part of your health everywhere, but in Arizona, dehydration can turn dangerous fast.

4. Living in AZ is Affordable

Unlike other prime real estate markets, like Florida and Colorado, the average person can afford to live in Arizona.

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Renting and buying a house is about the same as the national going rate. But the general cost of living is slightly lower than average. 

Chances are, your new home will come with solar-powered panels. It makes sense that with all that sunlight, the state would take advantage of the rays to make electricity cheaper and help the environment. The massive solar grids help your wallet, too.

The expense of living ranges by city, of course, where you’ll find the more popular places are pricier. Still, raising a family in less-populated cities is affordable. You’ll also benefit from quality education, lower-priced healthcare, and lots of opportunities for recreation.


Living anywhere is going to come with a laundry list of good and bad things. Arizona is no different, but since it’s in the top ten of states to move to, there’s definitely something special about it.

From the Grand Canyon and other historical landmarks to the cultural activities that abound, there’s plenty to do and see. And the state is weed- and environmentally friendly. 

If you’re looking to move to a state that has it all (except too much snow), Arizona is for you.

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