A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Perfect Straw Sun Hat

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Perfect Straw Sun Hat

Western fashion for men has been reshaped and modified for catering to the evolving consumer needs. Moreover, throughout the history of America, we have come across several forces that have been instrumental in sparking the desire and passion for cultural heritage along with modified style, according to Forbes. More so, after the lockdown thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic, American men are hoping to the fabulous outdoors with a vengeance and a newly-found desire and respect. The western attire including, the straw sun hats is sure to gain traction by the day. 

Experts have reviewed the present style trends dominating the men’s fashion world today. It is evident that there is a growing fascination for western style, and it will continue to dominate the fashion scene and be a perfect style indication until summer 2022 and much beyond. We all are well aware that excessive sun exposure could cause skin cancer due to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. Broad-brimmed straw hats offer perfect sun protection for your face, ears, and neck. 

Straw Sun Protection Hat Features

UPF or UV Protection Factor: UPF is supposed to be the rating that helps you assess precisely what percentage of your hat is effective in blocking harsh and harmful UV rays. Broad-brimmed straw sun hats offer perfect sun protection. 

Wide Brim: It is a good idea to invest in a broad-brimmed straw hat for ultimate sun protection. The broad brim shall help in safeguarding your face, neck, ears, and eyes from the dangerous UV rays of the sun. For adequate sun protection, it is critical to opt for straw hats with a brim between 4 inches and 41/2 inches. 

Moisture Wicking: A good quality straw sun protection hat should be having an effective moisture-wicking sweatband strategically placed inside the crown. It is useful in keeping moisture at bay and preventing sweat from dripping down your face and into your eyes. 

Neck Flaps: Your ears and neck are susceptible to UV ray exposure when you have short-cropped hair. You may then consider buying a straw hat with an effective neck flap for protecting these tender areas from the harsh rays of the sun. Fortunately, today, some sun hats have neck flaps that may be attached and detached as per your preferences.

Chinstrap: Mens straw sun hats are generally accompanied by a strong and adjustable chin cord or strap for ensuring a secure fit and preventing your sun hat from blowing off during stormy and exceptionally windy days. The chin strap can be removed whenever you are feeling uncomfortable. For kids, you should buy a sun hat where the chin strap can be broken easily to avoid choking.

Packable & Easily Foldable: While traveling it is a good idea to invest in sun hats that can be easily folded and packed into your handbag, luggage, or backpack. These sun hats will take their original shape as soon as they are unfolded.

Mesh Panels: Mesh panels are provided to maintain perfect ventilation and keep your head cool. However, it is advised not to use a hat with mesh panels if you have scanty hair or if you are bald since the mesh may let in some ultraviolet rays.

Sun Hat Purchasing Guide

Pick a Style that Suits You

There is a variety of different styles you can choose from when selecting your sun hat. Whether your priority is protection or you are looking to add a new dimension to your style quotient, here are the types of hats available to you:

Bucket: Bucket-style hats have nice, wide brims, providing excellent protection. They look great with casual wear and can be dressed up or down as you please.

Cap: Snapback hats or baseball caps are excellent for protecting your eyes, and some even have a folded-in flap that can cover your neck if you so wish. They provide their wearers with a youthful look and are very popular worldwide.

Flap: While not the most glamorous, flap-style sun hats provide the most protection when you are up against the elements in especially, harsh conditions and intense environments like deserts. These hats provide full protection to your face and neck and are a great way to keep you cool, and protected against prolonged sun exposure.

Material Selection is Key

Hats are available in a wide range of materials and constructions, each lending a different dimension to their usability and style. Here are some important things to consider:

Artificial fabrics like nylon and polyester are very easily washable, water-repellant, and moisture-absorbing. It makes them ideal for prolonged use in sunny, humid environments.

Natural fabrics like cotton are light and breathable and much more likely to feel cool and comfortable on your skin. However, they offer next to no moisture-wicking or water resistance, which means they aren’t a great choice beyond casual wear or light activity for a shorter duration.

Straw is a surprising wildcard material; it is stylish and lightweight and lends itself well to various hat designs. Straw hats are a mainstay in South America and look great at parties and outdoor gatherings. That said straw hats can be ruined if you fold them and are fussy when you stuff them in your luggage while traveling.

Size Must Be Considered As Well

A hat that is too small for your head will not provide adequate protection, while one that is too large will look silly and be an encumbrance when you walk around. That is why hat size and brim size are very critical considerations. Smaller, sub-3-inch brims are the way to go when you are engaged in more intense outdoor activities like biking, hiking, or safaris since they stay out of your way while serving your purpose. ( Larger brim hats are great for lounging or lighter activities due to their style quotient but should be avoided in windy situations since they are likely to be whisked away suddenly.

Conclusion: Color and Other Features worth Keeping in Mind

Sun hats are meant for summer use, and the rule of thumb is to avoid heat-absorbing dark colors and go for reflecting lighter colors instead. Ventilation is a crucial concern since it allows for breathability and sweat control. Water-resistance or waterproof lining on your hat will make it more ubiquitous against a variety of harsh weather conditions, protecting your head and also maintaining their rigidity instead of becoming a droopy, soggy mess in the rain. Straw sun hats are the best choice.

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