The entertaining Supercopa Sudamericana

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Football competitions across South America can be very dynamic. There are many championships that come and go. It is possible to visit best betting site in Bangladesh – 1xBet allows wagers on these championships.

Currently the most famous football tournaments from that part of the world are the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana. However, between 1988 and 1997 there was another interesting competition, which was known as the Supercopa Sudamericana.

Normally, the competitions known as Super Cup (or Supercopa in Spanish) are those championships where only a single match is played. The 1xBet Bangladesh site can be visited at any moment, which is the best place to make betting in all those championships. These tournaments are normally contested by the winners of two other competitions. However, as it will be seen, the Supercopa Sudamericana had a different format.

How did the competition work

In total, there were 10 editions of the tournament. Across all of them, there were little changes to its format. The bookmaker 1xBet app Android can be obtained right now, and from there it is possible to wager on such cups from smartphones.

The format of the Supercopa Sudamericana was quite simple. 16 teams qualified for the competition. All of them had been winners of the Copa Libertadores at some point. Some of the teams who contested the championship were:

  • Colo-Colo;
  • Boca Juniors;
  • River Plate;
  • and Flamengo.

Once the 16 teams were known, they were organized in a bracket that started in a round of 16. From that point on, the championship was a standard elimination competition, with two-legged ties being played on each round. The app of the 1xBet bookmaker can be obtained for Android, where users of those gadgets can wager on the best South American tournaments.

Some notable champions

As it tends to happen in South American football, it is usually dominated by football teams from Argentina and Brazil. This trend continues when seeing the squads that claimed the Supercopa Sudamericana title. The can be visited for placing live bets on the best Argentinian and Brazilian football matches.
In total, there were eight distinct winners of the competition. Six teams won it once, while two won it twice. ( The squads that claimed the title of the tournament on two separate occasions were Cruzeiro from Brazil and Independiente from Argentina. Both of these squads are available to bet on the 1xBet website. These teams contributed to some highly exciting and entertaining football matches.

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