“When he turns on trainer mode, everyone listens.” What it’s like to be a Roy Hodgson player

“When he turns on trainer mode, everyone listens.” What it’s like to be a Roy Hodgson player

“I don’t know what to say to those who complain about him. We must thank God for the chance to work with him,” says Damien Delaney. Like many other former Hodgson players, he is a firm believer in specialist ability. Not everyone shares his enthusiasm, but hardly anyone would argue that when the team is in trouble, Hodgson often helps her.

For 364 matches in the Premier League, the 74-year-old specialist took an average of 1.26 points. If the stats stay the same, Watford could expect 37 points by 22 May. Enough to survive in the league. Or not? Make your bets on Watford results here –

There are no guarantees, but Hodgson has been in the same situation twice before. On 30 December 2007, he joined Ray Leavington’s staff at Fulham when the club were in 18th place in the standings. The team lost nine games to Hodgson but took 22 points, eventually retaining their place on the last day of the championship. So far, this is the worst result of his career.

Three years ago, he took over as manager of West Brom in an attempt to save them from relegation. There were 12 matches left, but with the new boss, the team achieved five wins and a draw, finishing 11th in the table.

In the five seasons since then, Roy has consistently been in the center of the table: 10, 11, 12, 14, 14. Does this mean that he is an ideal option for the troubled Watford? Here it is necessary to ask the one who worked with him. (

For the first time ever, Gino Pozzo hired a manager at Watford rather than a head coach. In British football, the difference between these concepts is huge – the manager has much more authority. It appears that a lot is expected of Hodgson: that he will not only coach, but also manage many aspects of the club. Roy was always confident in himself, always proud of his ability to find a common language with management. He is straightforward, scrupulous and strict. This is exactly the sort of specialist a team needs that cannot afford to relax. When every point matters.

Hodgson is famous for his ability to build a great defense, getting the most out of his players. “I played with Aaron Hughes and we almost telepathically communicated. So many trainings – we knew everything that the other would do, ”admits ex-Fulham defender Brede Hangeland.

Hodgson has always favored a 4-4-2 formation with an emphasis on the defensive mentality. But the main thing is to find a balance.

According to Ashworth, Hodgson is ready to change all elements of the club’s structure.

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