Current USA Satellite LED Plus Pro Review

Current Usa Satellite Plus Pro Freshwaster Led

Lighting is one of the key factors in aquariums especially in planted tanks. You have to balance enough PAR as well as enough amount of light per day to keep your plants healthy and algae at bay. Sounds complicated right? Well Current USA satellite LED +Pro has made complications a thing of the past…

Design and Build

After receiving my new Current USA Satellite LED +Pro for my 6 gallon planted aquarium, I started to remove the light from the boxing. I got to say, the Satellite LED +Pro is definitely a sight to see or should I say a sight to not be seen.

With it’s combination of Current USA’s signature brush black aluminum and sleek minimal head unit, the Satellite LED +Pro was designed and built to be invisible on top of the aquarium.

Even for it’s minimal design, the Satellite LED +Pro is very sturdy in it’s build. I’ve put some weight on it from my hand to see if it bends and it holds up to the punishment.

Wireless & Automation

I know we all want our aquariums to have their own eco-system. So to say run themselves, letting us sit back and just enjoy the fish. Well the Satellite LED +Pro might not be able feed your fish or do a water change but it can completely automate your whole lighting setup.

No more bulky timers or having to rush home to turn off the aquarium lights before the horrendous algae starts to engulf your plants & fish. With a few presses of the remote, you can setup your aquarium to have both Day & Night Cycles – letting your plants have that flourish growth in the day. While at night you can watch the nocturnal activity without even touching your remote.

Light Intensity

So you want some light on the situation – Well you came to the right spot. The Current USA Satellite LED +Pro does step up it’s game from it’s predecessor with putting out 100+ PAR @ a 12″ Depth. This would put you into the high light range if you are looking to go hi-tech on your aquarium.

Now I know some of you are saying “but I just want to add some low/medium light plants” Well the great thing about the Satellite +Pro is you can adjust your light settings and time without a hitch. This giving you full control over your light intensity and how much PAR you want to put out to your plants.

Cord Length

No more stretching that surge protector or adding extension cords to reach to one receptacle for your LED light. The Satellite LED +Pro has a more than generous 80 inches from the power supply plug to the Ramp Timer; and then 50 more inches from the Ramp Timer to the Satellite LED +Pro. That is over 10 feet worth of cord to work with


Comparing the Satellite LED +Pro to it’s predecessor, I found the +Pro when left on for a good amount of time starts to slowly increase in temperature on it’s brush aluminum. While this isn’t a major flaw because of all the juice it’s putting out. It is worth mentioning and may need properly ventilation if sticking your Satellite LED +Pro in a bookshelf or canopy.


Who isn’t sick of those eye sore lamp units clutters up your viewing display. Well not anymore, Current USA always made sure to fulfill two important components in their fixtures: functionality and visual appeal. I mean isn’t that what aquariums are for? to be visually appealing to the eye. If it wasn’t, we would all have hot tubs filled with plants and fish.

The Current USA Satellite LED +Pro definitely brings some sleekness to your aquarium with providing enough lighting to your plants. This while hiding flush above the glass making sure you aren’t looking at the lighting fixture and just enjoying the aquarium.


The Current USA Satellite LED +Pro is considered to be in the mid-range of LED pricing. They aren’t the cheapest LED aquarium light out on the market but with form and functionality, it definitely holds it’s ground.

LED lights are becoming more and more competitive to bulbs in the practical world. Not only do they produce less heat, they’re also rated higher in lifetime hours. So it makes sense that you would be investing more money upfront into LED vs bulbs but saving in the long run.


If you made it this far, then you must’ve really loved the review. And if you are impressed by the light as much as I am –  Check down below for the list of vendors I recommend where to buy your new Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED +Pro.

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