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Tantora Catappa Leaves Review

Tantora Catappa Leaves Information For Aquarium Catappa Leaves For Sale And Where To Buy Redcherryshrimp

Looking to keep your aquarium all natural with medication? Well I finally got my hands on some Tantora products to test out. One of the biggest sellers being Catappa Leaves or also known as Indian Almond Leaves. I’m going to give you a first hand experience on how well they can work in your aquarium.

Catappa Leaves Packaging

Tantora does a great job at presenting & delivering  their product. With 10 catappa leaves to a package, it’s more than enough to accommodate any size aquarium for at least a few months. The Catappa Leaves packaging, just like all Tantora products has a very simple yet informational instructions. It tells what each product does or prevent within an aquarium. I cannot test all of them within my time-span but I did have a few cases at hand I needed to solve.

Usage of Catappa LeavesTantora Catappa Leaves Product Information Aquascape For Sale And Where To Buy Indian Almond Leaves Redcherryshrimp

So what exactly do Catappa leaves do? Well from what Tantora and other hobbyists says – Catappa leaves are able prevent parasites, cure fin rot, relieve stress (by reducing pH), stimulate fish breeding, strengthening shrimp coloring and also having antibacterial properties. All this as well as being organic and natural. Catappa Leaves can typically last in an aquarium for 2-4 weeks before being replaced. Now this is just a soft guideline because I’ve kept one of mine in a 6 gallon tank for over a month now and it’s still going strong.

It was actually great timing to get these Catappa Leaves because I knew a Betta with a fin rot problem from a friend of a friend’s son. So in a few days, I was going to have a Betta’s life in my hands – FOR SCIENCE! haha ok, it’s not that exciting  but it is pretty interesting what happens. One could soapbox about this product being “Snake Oil” but this is why I’m going to test it out myself to see if Catappa Leaves actually does something, especially with curing Fin Rot on a poor Betta. (Gabapentin)

Fin Rot with Catappa Leaves

So Bubbles became Test Subject #1 for testing Tantora Catappa Leaves. I first did a 20% water change to make sure to remove  any ammonia & nitrates – This was because Bubbles seemed to advance stages of fin rot plus a fungal infection. I personally couldn’t let him live in the same water conditions just for an experiment.

Day 1 – With Tantora Catappa Leaves instructions easily explained, I broke a leaf in half and placed it inside the 3 gallon aquarium. Now this tank does have a small filter for the water, which is great. I also like to state – no other additives besides prime were used while I quarantine Bubbles.

Day 3 – I checked up on Bubbles to see how the Catappa Leaves were working. Within 48 hours, the Fungus growing on the dorsal fin was completely gone. I took this with great success and did a 20% water change to keep his water as clean as possible.

Day 5 – With the Tantora Catappa Leaves doing their little trick for Bubbles the Betta – I returned the fish to the Friend’s son with a few leaves. Because Fin Rot can take weeks to even months to start regrowing – I couldn’t test for this. I will hopefully get another picture soon to see improvements of Bubbles.

Two Weeks Later.. –  I asked for an updated from my friend that had Bubbles and she told me he was very active again with a great appetite. She did take a picture for me which probably isn’t the best. Remember this was a serious case of fin-rot, sometimes fins take weeks to even months to start regrowing and even then i’ve seen cases of no regrowth.


Tantora Catappa Leaves are so low in price that it should be in everyone’s tank or at least in the cabinet for occasions like I had with Fin-rot. I spend more alone on Prime than I would on these leaves and they have definitely shined in my eyes. It is even competitive to some of the chemical medications like Melafix but in the organic remedy way. Check out below for some recommended vendors that sell Tantora Catappa Leaves.

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