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Current USA 24″-30″ Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Aquarium Light w/Wireless RGB Remote

Satellite Plus Led Main 9325320

Product Description

Now you’ll shift the colour of your aquatic surroundings with out moving your frame with the business’s first freshwater-optimized, RGB+White, Wi-fi remote managed LED fixture. Super bright 6500K White LEDs are paired with full-spectrum RGB LEDs to supply each colour underneath the sun (and a couple of that are not) all managed from a single 32-key customizable remote. Sliding docking legs permit fast and simple changes for all kinds of installations. The program additionally makes adding a couple of fixtures a snap. Each and every Kit Contains: 1 Satellite LED fixture, 2 Adjustable docking mounts, 1 12V DC UL transformer, 1 Wi-fi LED remote Keep an eye on
Wi-fi LED Remote Keep an eye on 32 Key RGB
Mild Dimensions 22.8″ x 2″ x 0.forty four” – Ft Extend 24″-30″
48 White/24 RGB – 18 Watt
Low Voltage, Super Protected LEDs

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