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Custom 90P Iwagumi Setup

Dsc04289 5262019

This is my 2nd ever setup and first one in 3 years. I had to abandon this hobby for a while because of life and stuff but since getting married and settling down I felt comfortable and have the time again to work on what I’ve grown to love through all the amazing setups I’ve seen around Hong Kong’s stores and online! I am a big fan of the Nature aquarium and ADA’s style of things. This is really my 2nd time trying to do an iwagumi setup and I took almost 6 months to plan it and think what I should do. The research was fun though!

The beginning stage of finding the right rocks and how many etc. was very challenging and difficult. Took me some time to play with the substrate to try to get the best out of the situation with my 9 Hakkai styled rocks. Finding the “golden ratio” is easier said than done! Finding tall hakkai rocks was also virtually impossible…This was the best I could do:



  • ADA 30C
  • Eheim 2217
  • Hailea Chiller



  • hemianthus callithrichoides (HC)


  • TBD

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