Golden Tips on How to Be a Better Test Taker

Golden Tips on How to Be a Better Test Taker

Did you just Google that answer for your test? Are you worried about your upcoming online test?

You probably answered yes to the above questions, which is why you are here. So, your test is coming up, and you are wondering how to take your online tests better. Well, you have stumbled upon the right place. 

There are various ways in which online exams are conducted these days. Most institutes use exam software to conduct these exams online, some may require the candidate to be on a video call, while others don’t have such requirements.

However, the good news is that in cases where the exams are conducted online, there are people who could literally help you take these tests for you. These are professtional test taker and you can definitely opt to take their help to perform better on your tests. 

But if you decide to take the exam on your own, you might be dealing with some exam pressure, and as important as the exam is, you might feel nervous about your performance. Don’t worry, there are some ways to ensure that you can perform your best on the test. 

So, in this article, let’s explore ways to be a better test taker and figure out a way to ace your tests.


The only thing that is completely in your hands and can help you perform better on your tests is to study. Students usually tend to postpone their studies to another time, which never comes. 

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, try making a schedule and sticking to it. You can take the help of various apps and your friends or family members to make sure you are actually studying. 

You can also try studying in a library. The right environment will put you in the right mindset for studying. 

Moreover, if you have some time before your exams, try to attend as many classes as possible and make notes. Try not to leave everything to study for the last minute. 

Take Practice exams 

Taking practice or mock tests makes your studies more effective. Try picking practice tests with the same time limit and same difficulty level. This will help you in feeling confident before taking the actual exam. 

This will also help you know your weak areas so that you can focus on these weaker areas for better practice. 

You can also practice with old tests to understand the format of the exam. Check your score on the previous exams and try to practice numerous questions. Institutes usually follow the same pattern of questions, and it will help you feel familiar with the questions when you will sit down for your actual exam. 

Remove Distractions

While taking the test, choosing a place with the least distractions and noise is important to help you concentrate better. If you feel that you don’t have such an environment at home, you can try sitting in a café or a library. 

Some other ways to you can ensure to have lesser distractions are:

  • Wear something comfortable.
  • Try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep on your original mattress before your tests. A well-rested person is likely to perform better than a drained, sleep-deprived person.
  • Eat something healthy and avoid eating something heavy to prevent you from getting sleepy. Grab some snacks, fruits, snack bars, water, etc., if you ever need them while taking the test.
  • Inform your family or housemates about your exam beforehand.
  • Read the exam guidelines carefully and take breaks, especially if you have multiple daily tests. During the breaks, avoid using screens and instead do some activity to recharge yourself, like, taking a nap, going for a walk, or talking to a friend.

Practice Time Management

The most important aspect of any exam, whether offline or online exam, is time. In order to make sure you complete the test on time, practice some time management beforehand. You can time yourself whenever practicing writing answers or solving answers (in case of multiple-choice questions).

Also, try to keep track of time while attempting the test to avoid any last-minute mistakes. 

Technical Check-up

This might be your first or your hundredth time with online exams, but it is always better to be prepared and do some checks before the time the test starts. 

Most software has the feature for attempting some sample questions to understand the format of the exam, but this is only the case sometimes. 

So, make yourself comfortable with the software, check for any problems with your computer, and check your network connection at least half an hour before the exam starts. This will enable you to get some time in case you face issues with anything that can hinder your exam performance. 

Also, have a list ready for people to contact in case of technical difficulties, and make sure to inform these people beforehand about the possibility of you contacting them in case of any issues. 

You can also save a copy of your answers, or write them down, in case of objective questions or case of an emergency due to technical failure, whether on your part or their part. 

Verify your submission

There have been some cases where the exams weren’t submitted even after pressing submit button. So, after completing the tests, always re-check whether you have marked or answered all the questions and then submit the test. 

Wait for the browser/software window to load, and do not close it until it specifies that your answers have been submitted. You could also take a screenshot for keeping as an acknowledgement for later. 

Summing up

It is never late to start your preparation, try to start as soon as you have this realization. Every time you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and be confident in your preparation and efforts.

When sitting for your test, just try to let go of all the negative thoughts and focus on the test instead of focusing on the outcome!

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