How to Stay Ahead of the Game in WPT Poker Tournaments

How to Stay Ahead of the Game in WPT Poker Tournaments

In today’s world of instant access to online poker on countless websites, anyone can buy into a tournament anywhere and play until their heart’s content. However, with all of those people playing, the law of averages suggests that most of them will be of low/minimal skill levels. The question is, are you one of them?

Nobody wants to stay a novice or amateur their whole life. However, the truth of the matter is that most players think they are much better than they actually are. Being honest with yourself about where your game is, is the first step in learning to play at a higher level in WPT poker tournaments (as well as cash games, but that’s for another article). 

So, with that in mind, here are 5 ways to get a leg-up on your opponents online:

Know Who You Are Playing

Good poker players are keenly aware of who they are sharing the table with and what type of player each one is. Know which styles of play you are facing and adjust your hand-to-hand strategy accordingly.

Keep Detailed Notes

WPT poker software lets you take down notes on the opponents you encounter. If you are seeing the same player in the tourneys you are in, start jotting down their tendencies and anything else of interest. (

Use a Heads-Up Display

The info stored and available in HUDs is worth its weight in gold. This is because it can be used to make you an indeterminable amount of money over the long run. Heads-up displays offer the following info not only on your play but also on your opponents (along with much, much more):

  • Number/Percentage of hands played
  • Pre and post-flop checking, betting, raising, and calling percentages
  • Number of hands going to a showdown
  • Hands won at showdown
  • Bluff percentage
  • And numerous other data points

Understand How to Use Your Position

Every poker player knows the term “playing position”, although few actually know how to do it properly. Simply put, when you have the benefit of acting last or close to last before or after the action, you need to take control more often and be more aggressive.

Go on the Offensive on the Bubbles

Speaking of attacking your opponents, position isn’t the only time to take advantage of their passive play. People tend to get very tight and cautious around the bubbles. This includes the end of the rebuy/add-on period, the payout bubble, every step up in pay scale, and the final table bubble.

WPT Poker Offers a Player Pool of Many Skill Levels 

Once you have incorporated these tips into your poker repertoire, you will be able to choose the best games based on the opponents you will be facing. 
Recognizing where you are in terms of skill set will help you stick to tournaments (and cash games) where you have the advantage over most of the other players. It also allows you to play better opponents to continually improve your game.

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