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Black King Kong Shrimp Information

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Introduction to Black King Kong Shrimp

The Black King Kong Shrimp is also known as BKK or King Kong Shrimp.  It isn’t an easy shrimp to keep so it must be avoided by beginners. It is also one of the expensive shrimp on the market.  It is an incredible looking shrimp so it’s tough not to be tempted by it.  The Black King Kong Shrimps Origin isn’t much clear; however some believe it is a mutation of the Snow White Bee Shrimp whereas other believes it is a mutation of Blue and Red Bee Shrimp, cross breeding Black, either way we are glad it’s around as it is one of our favorites.

English name: Black King Kong Shrimp, BKK, King Kong Shrimp

Scientific name: Caridina Cantonensis var. “Black King Kong”

Origin: Mutation of Cantonensis

Size: 0.9″ to 1.2″ (2.3 – 3 cm)

Water temperature: TBD

Water Parameters: TBD

Breeding Rate: Low

Behavior: Non-aggressive

Difficulty: Hard

Black King Kong Shrimp Origin and Background

There is some debate to the origin of this shrimp with some claiming it is a spontaneous mutation of the Snow White Bees while others claim that it is a cross between a (CBS)black bee/(CRS)red bee hybrid with Blue Bee. It is more generally accepted that it was a mutation rather than a complex cross breeding but there is still some debate.

Recommended for Black King Kong Shrimp

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Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) A-SS Grade

Black King Kong Shrimp Sexing

Sexing is achieved when the Black King Kong Shrimp reaches its maturity; the females tend to be larger with the rounded undercarriage with the males smaller and a more flat undercarriage. It is almost impossible to identify a saddle on the females and even if a female is berried it can be pretty difficult to spot the eggs at first glance. Once they are well into the sexual maturity size and body shape can be used to recognize the sexes as females will be a little larger and have a rounder undercarriage as is the case with most Caridina cantonensis species.

Black King Kong Shrimp Breeding

It is advised to use a 25 gallon tank as a minimum because it is easier to control the parameters on the larger tanks, the water has to be kept clean, pristine enough to drink even.  It is also suggested to use as much filtration as possible to keep the water clean.  Black King Kong Shrimp can be bred with quite a lot of species of shrimp including Shadow Pandas, Panda, Blue Bolts, Wine reds, Mischling and others. Survival rates differ depending on breeder and can be anywhere from 10% upwards but tends to stay low making this astonishing shrimp one of the more expensive in the hobby.

Black King Kong Shrimp for Sale and where to buy

Trying to find a Black King Kong Shrimp will be a difficult task seeing how most shops don’t want to take the risk of this huge investment shrimp. You will more than likely find extreme hobbyists online selling Black King Kong Shrimp on the forums. Check out below for recommended vendors to buy some Black King Kong Shrimp.

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