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Information on Lily Pipes

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Filtration is commonly utilized to keep a tank clean for a long duration of time. The main purpose is to take the poor water and purifying it in to new clean water to send back in the aquarium. Canister filtration has grown to be widely used with much larger types of fish tanks. The majority of hobbyists are utilizing them versus hang-on-back (HOB) filters. In canister filters, hoses are connected from the main aquarium tank with an intake, and then an outlet from the canister back into the tank.

To lessen the visual drawbacks of having equipment inside the aquarium, “lily pipes” were made, thus keeping the focus and concentration on the aquascape. The visually pleasing lily pipes also accomplishes its job of transferring clean water consistently throughout the tank. They also promote gas and water column nutrient exchange for low and mid ground vegetation.

Why don’t you just call them Glassware?

“Glassware” is such an extensive and general classification, so, unfortunately, hobbyists started using the term “lily pipe” to refer to a filter pipe. The lily pipe design was inspired by the shape of a lily flower. Immediately after creation of the lily pipes, enthusiasts began making variations and enhancements, designing a variety of lily pipes for their own precise requirements.

Pros for Lily Pipes

You can’t assume all tanks are the same. There are numerous types of Lily pipes which perform in their own ways. Below is a variety of positive aspects regarding each glass pipe.

  • Lily Pipe
    • breaks up the surface film on the water surface
    • offers enhanced water movement in much lower areas of the aquarium
    • very little CO2 loss
  • Violet Pipe
    • a lot more angled versus Lily Pipes
    • much less stagnant places in the aquarium
  • Straight pipes
    • very little gravel disturbance
    • good flow
  • Spiral Pipes (spin pipes)
    • recommended for gentle fauna
    • decreases speed of water circulation
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Differences between real glass pipes and knock-offs

From ADA lily pipes to Ebay, Do-It-Yourself acrylic pipes, and all things between, you will have a wide array available. However, which choice is the best for your tank?

Pipes from ADA

One of the costlier brands of glassware is actually ADA. They’re famous for their founder, Amano Takashi. They hold up to their name and are one of the most desirable glass pipes due to their attraction. So are ADA lily pipes really worth the more money? Straightforward answer is no.

DO !AQUA Glassware

If you’re searching for a cheaper form of ADA, DO!Aqua is a solid choice. DO!Aqua is in fact popular in the US and is run by ADA. DO!Aqua lily pipes aren’t made exactly the same as ADA lily pipes, but their features are identical to all other lily pipes.

CalAqua Glass Pipes

Cal Aqua Fluxus Efflux and Influx pipes tend to be known from their brand name and exposure inside the U.S. & Europe. Their price structure are around ADA’s, but Cal Aqua has started to become well-known for their excellent quality.

Lily Pipes by VIV

If you’re trying to find ADA quality glassware for half of the price tag, VIV Lily pipes are what you’re looking for! Their status is rather low right now, but they are progressively growing in the United States and United Kingdom. There is absolutely no contrast between VIV lily pipes and other glass pipes, performing the same, along with the workmanship as ADA.

“Which glass pipe is perfect in my aquarium?” There is no sure answer to that. With various aquarium sizes and aquascapes, lily pipes are just a factor that can help the main goal. Testing out different lily pipes and picking the perfect one for your aquarium tank is your best bet.

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