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Panda Shrimp Information

Introduction to Panda Shrimp

This black and white shrimp (sometimes the white has shades of blue and blue green, known as a shadow panda) is another one of the Taiwan Bee shrimp that exhibit some of the best coloration in the freshwater shrimp hobby. This shrimp is often kept with other Taiwan bees and is believed to be used to breed blue bolt shrimp.

English name: Panda Shrimp

Scientific name: Caridina Cantonensis var. “Panda”

Origin: Mutation of cantonensis

Size: 0.9″ to 1.2″ (2.2 – 3 cm)

Water temperature: TBD

Water Parameters: TBD

Breeding Rate: Low

Behavior: Non-aggressive

Difficulty: Hard

 Panda Shrimp Appearance

The Panda Shrimp is a rare mutation of the CBS, first bred in Taiwan. The intense white & black colors with a hint of blue or green are extremely bright & opaque. They are exceptional shrimp

Panda Shrimp Water Parameters

Generally most people do not recommend keeping Panda Taiwan Bee Shrimp in smaller tanks, at least 25 gallons is often recommended, and the reason for this is the more volume of water the easier it is to maintain constant water parameters. Independent of the claims of what water parameters are best all sources recommend that whatever they are they remain constant, larger amounts of water are easier to maintain at a constant value and natural changes tend to occur less rapidly in larger bodies of water. Another common suggestion is going a little overboard on the filtration: sponge filters, aeration, HoB, Canister filters, etc. Usually more than one is used sometimes all are recommended, no matter how you attain it, your water should be very clean, almost drinkable clean.

Panda Shrimp Feeding

Panda Taiwan Bee Shrimp tend to be picky eaters, but generally it is accepted that blanched spinach and high grade vegetarian shrimp feed is sufficient. A varied diet is a healthy diet. There are also some reports of the benefits of feeding freeze dried copepods as a dietary supplement because the high amounts of calcium and protein and the ease of digestion, this is particularly recommended for the very young. Feeding as with all shrimp should be done in moderation.

 Panda Shrimp Sexing

The Panda Shrimp can be difficult to sex until sometime after sexual maturity is reached. It is nearly impossible to identify a saddle. Once they are well into sexual maturity size and body shape can be used to identify the sexes as females will be a little larger and have a rounder undercarriage as is the case with most Caridina cantonensis species.

Panda Shrimp Breeding

If water conditions are good shrimp will breed readily when matured (3-4 months old). Shrimps will carry around 20-30 eggs for around 30-35 days of gestation period. After this period fully developed shrimplets are released. How you breed your Panda shrimp really should depend on your line and the breeder you are dealing with. The tendency of Panda shrimp to be complex than the other variants of Taiwan bees also means that they can be bred to other Pandas with a much higher chance of success.

Panda Shrimp for Sale and where to buy

Panda Shrimp are a low breeding shrimp from mutation, so you won’t see any of these being sold in stores. Typically you find can Panda Shrimp for selling at forums and online shop. Check out the recommendation of vendors that sell Panda Shrimp online today!

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