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Top 5 Best Aquarium Plants for Aquascaping

The Top 5 Best Aquarium Plants For Aquascaping Aquaticmag

If you are planning on building your very first aquascaping tank, you probably have an idea of what plants are the most popular for aquascaping. For beginners and even for experienced hobbyists, knowing the best plants for aquascaping is important. Obviously, the most popular plants are the ones that can be cultivated easily and can look best on most aquarium setups.

In this article, we are going to cover the top 5 best aquascaping plants. Some of the things we considered when making this list are:

  • Light requirements
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Rate of growth
  • Price (maintenance cost included)

Dwarf Baby Tear, oftentimes referred to as HC “Hemianthus Callitrichoides” is one of the classics. It is one of the most popular aquascaping plants. It is desired because of its unique ability to quickly carpet any aquarium setup without any additional configurations on the setup. Dry Start Method is frequently used to jumpstart this carpet and put down roots before flooding the aquarium as well. The bright green color is another great characteristic that makes this plant desirable.

Although this plant will spread on its own and will grow fast, if you want denser carpet growth, you will need a strong lightning with CO2 injection aquarium configuration. Whatever aquarium style you have, HC will remain an excellent plant choice. It will look good on any aquarium setup because of its grassy and bright green effect.

Rotala Green

Rotala Green Best Aquascaping Aquarium Plant To Use Aquaticmag 4144950

Rotala Green is a popular choice as a background plant for many aquascapers. Its fine leaf structure and fast growing characteristic makes it an easy plant to take care of. Apart from its fast growth, it is very easy to propagate. Steps can be cut off and be replanted easily and it’ll begin growth in as fast as two days.

The leaf structure of Rotala Green is a magnificent thing to look at. It adds visual depth and size to any aquarium it is placed into. It can thrive in either weak or strong lighting setups. Rotala Green is a really great plant to add to any aquarium. All great characteristics are in it – easy to propagate, easy to care for, can thrive in any lightning condition, and most of all, really beautiful.

Christmas Moss

Christmas Moss Best Aquascaping Aquarium Plant To Use Aquaticmag 1449992

Moss will always be used in aquascaping whether you like them or not. Christmas Moss is a type of moss that is commonly used and popular in the aquascaping hobby. If you are a type of person that likes moss, you will definitely love Christmas Moss. It is an easy to grow plant that can thrive in both high and low lighting setups.

All moss have this unique ability to clear aquariums of their nitrate contents and Christmas Moss is no different. It consumes aquarium nitrates at rapid rates. It can easily clean the water while growing into a beautiful cover for rocks and substrates. It is very cheap to maintain with great looks to boot – definitely a must have for moss-loving aquascapers out there.

Needle Leaf Java Fern

Needle Java Fern Best Aquascaping Aquarium Plant To Use Aquaticmag 4831656

Most aquascapers are probably more familiar with Java Fern which is understandable because of its easy to care characteristics. However, the very fast growth rate and its ability to dominate even a big aquarium are big turn offs. Needle Leaf Java Fern is a better alternative to its more popular cousin Java Fern.  Its leaves are thinner and they truly make a big difference. Needle Leaf has the ability to grow sporadically into open water columns.

This plant is a great plant to look at. When attached into driftwood, they are quite a sight to behold. Needle Leaf is a natural looking flower. They grow much smaller and slower and only needs a low amount of light to keep healthy. If you have a high lighting configuration, it can also survive this setup and will only change the color intensity of its leaves.


Anubias Best Aquascaping Aquarium Plant To Use Aquaticmag 5181951

Anubias will always be a favorite among aquascapers and with reason! It is perfect for decorating wood and hardscape setup giving the tank a more natural feel to it. It does grow slowly and can thrive in either strong or weak lighting setup. It is very easy to propagate.

All of the characteristics of Anubias are perfect for beginner to intermediate hobbyists. It is a definite winner in terms of popularity and actual aesthetic appeal. You can get your own Anubias on most fish stores at very affordable prices. Should you decide to get your own Anubias, you will definitely not regret it.

What’s your favorite Aquascaping plants?

Of course this list is all personal opinion and what Aquatic Magazine And I have worked with over the years. What aquarium plants you think are best for aquascaping? and which is your favorite? Write in the comments below and let us know!

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