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Unzan Stone’s Background

Unzan Stones became popular in the aquascaping world from the famous aquascaper Takashi Amano. They originate from Japan close to the head of dormant volcanoes where no erosion has occurred yet. Now, Unzan Stones can be found in other parts of the world but usually have small differences in characteristics.

Unzan Stone Description

The Unzan Stone is actually just volcanic rock in its purest form. It is very jagged and textured with plenty of air pockets and craters. One of the unique features of the Unzan is the ability to put in aqua soil in the crevices and grow Wabi-Kusa style plants in it, thus giving you an incredibly natural and zen-like layout.

Unzan Stones are also typically column stones, creating mountain-like pillars within your aquascape. These rocks can tower over your aquascape like skyscrapers in a city, so only a few are really necessary to bring that dull scape to life!

The Greatness of Unzan Stones

So what’s so special about these stones? Unzan Stones are also lava rocks, so they will not change your parameters within the aquascape. They are also becoming extremely popular due to their ability to grow carpet-like aquatic plants and moss within its pockets. Also, it allows the aquascaper to create natural mountainous features that can have an overall striking effect.

Specs for Unzan Stone

Unzan stones are a type of lava rock that is inert. Meaning these stones are pH neutral and do not have an effect on the water in your aquarium. It is still wise to always to do a thorough clean and water parameter check before adding any hardscapes to an aquarium.

Remember that Unzan stones are brittle jagged lava stone, so they are more prone to breaking. Most sellers will typically bubble wrap the Unzan stones when selling them to ensure safety during transit.

  • Type: Igneous/inert Rock
  • pH: Not Likely to Rise
  • gH: Not Likely to Rise
  • kH: Not Likely to Rise
  • Shrimp Safe:  Safe for All

Unzan Stone for Sale & Where to Buy

Unzan stones are one of the more expensive types of stones, usually not even going by the typical “pounds per dollar” price rate. Vendors and people are charging for uniqueness rather than weight on these types of rocks. You can typically find fake types of Unzan around the faces of dormant and inactive volcanoes. There are a few vendors that do have Unzan stones for sale but they are very few and far between as of right now in the U.S. You can check down below where to buy Unzan rocks from vendors.

ADG Shop

Aqua Forest Aquariums

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