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Introduction to Aquascaping

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What on Earth is Aquascaping?

Aquascaping is the formation of various styles of rocks, plant life, and wood in order to create a visually eye-catching look to be displayed. Common aquascaping techniques utilize valleys, hills, slopes, or everything in between to create a masterpiece while still enjoying fauna living in it.

Nature Style

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A Nature Style aquascape is often a miniature imitation of a normal landscape. This can be created by a layout of hardscapes and hills with a number of kinds of vegetation.

Iwagumi Style

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An Iwagumi Style aquascape usually contains the smallest amount of hardscapes to go along with a small assortment of plant species (typically 1-3 types). This is often designed with an odd number of stones on either side within the aquarium.

Dutch Style

5 1 2013 Overview Shot Ada Amazonia Aquasoil Seiryu Stone Riccia Cabomba Brazillian Pennywort Blyxa Staurogyne Repens Crypt Wendtii Star Grass Ranunculus 12 Gallon Long Aquarium Red Cherry Shrimp 300x91

A dutch style aquascape has a variety of plants with different styles, sizes, and color. This produces a lavish, packed habitat that mimics a forest. Here is aquatic surfactant.

The origin of Aquascaping

“Aquascape” became a term used with regard to creating koi ponds and outdoor gardens. On the other hand, over the years, the particular aquarium enthusiasts have slowly been using this term for their niche needs. While aquascaping grew to be more of an art, hobbyists considered themselves in a category of their very own as opposed to typical fish keepers, which was mainstreamed back in the early 1990’s.

Aquascaping in life today

With aquascapers’ ever-increasing demand for higher standards of marine products to be aesthetically pleasing within a tank and at the same time useful, an industry was created. ADA, along with high quality suppliers, are meeting the demand. For example, there are many vendors building frameless fish tanks, or glass lily pipes which do not distract an individual’s vision within the actual aquascape itself. One vendor, Aquascape Depot, is growing to be one of the largest aquascaping retailers in the United States. Today, it is certain that freshwater aquascaping has become mainstream and recognized by hundreds of people across the United States.

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