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Procambarus Clarkii “Orange” (sexed pair)

Neon Red Crayfish 6 1024x1024 6284187

Product Description

This is the Bright Orange to almost Red form of the common Cajun Crayfish. Also very good to eat basically like a very small lobster. But don’t eat these as pets they actually can be taken out of the tank and will even perch on your shoulder and take food from your hand. Mine clamor at the side of the tank if they are hungry. Will pinch though, so be careful handling them! Best in a tank devoted to them as they quickly get to 5 inches. Just like other Crays will eat most anything, but mine like algae pellets and even alfalfa pellets with some protein like snails or even pieces of fish fillets. But the latter is too expensive for me.

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