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Rili Shrimp

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Introduction to Rili Shrimp

Rili Shrimp are a newer, beautiful addition to the freshwater shrimp hobby. Originally bred by Taiwan breeders sometime in 2010, they have been kept and relished by aquarium keepers universally ever since. This popular shrimp paves the way into which the Neocaridina Davidi shrimp can be developed into a number of different strains and patterns, rather than just color strains.  Rili shrimp come in a variety of colors including blue, red, green, yellow and get to be about 0.8″-0.9″ in size.

  • English name: Rili Shrimp, Red Rili, Blue Rili, Black Rili, Orange Rili, Yellow Rili
  • Scientific name: Neocaridina Davidi (Heteropoda)
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Size: 0.75″ to 1″ (1.9 – 2.5 cm)
  • Water temperature: 64 -84F
  • Water Parameters: PH Range 6.0-8.0, TDS 80-400
  • Breeding Rate: High
  • Behavior: Non-aggressive
  • Difficulty: Easy

Rili Shrimp Origin and BackgroundRili Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Information And Where To Buy Rili Shrimp Redcherryshrimp 5

The Rili Shrimp came from Taiwanese breeders around 2010, and was extremely sought after for its new coloration and perfect blend of vibrant colors and clear parts. The earliest Rilis were selectively bred from the red Neocaridinas with white patches, stripes, bands and splotches until the line was alleviated and made available to the general public. Upon its arrival into the North American market, Rili shrimp fetched an excessive price; since then, the prices have been dropped dramatically. Since the stabilization of the Rili line, color morphs of green, blue and orange/yellow have been achieved.

Water Parameters for Rili Shrimp

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Being a Neocaridina species, the Rili shrimp needs similar conditions essential to keep similar shrimps, such as Blue Pearl shrimp, Red Cherry shrimp, Pumpkin shrimp, Snowball shrimp and Chocolate shrimp. The temperatures are best kept in the range of 68F-78F, although 64F-80F is possible, however do not expect any breeding in these extremes. Clean and sanitary water, of course, is absolutely essential to keep these shrimp, as well all other shrimps in this hobby.

Rili Shrimp’s Feeding

Feeding the Rili shrimp should be no different than feeding any other shrimp. One thing to take into account is to feed according to the population size. As your shrimp reproduce, you will need to feed more to support a greater number of shrimp. It’s a sensible idea to feed to young shrimp with powdered baby food, as the initial few days in a shrimp’s life are the most important. Feeding is best done once daily in amounts that the shrimp are easily able to consume within 1-2 hours.

Breeding Rili ShrimpRili Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Information And Where To Buy Rili Shrimp Redcherryshrimp 1

As with most Neocaridina Davidi (Heteropoda) variants, Rili shrimp are quite easy to keep and breed. Since they are nearly the same shrimp as Blue Pearl shrimp, Red Cherry shrimp or any other Neocaridina strain, they are also quite similar in the breeding requirements and can simply be bred in the basic shrimp tank. Basically, given a mix of clean water, sexes and suitable temperatures, these shrimp will eagerly reproduce.

The Sexing of Rili Shrimp

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As with the other Neocaridina strains, sexing is easy. The saddle and curved underbelly is a clear sign of females. However, males possess a concave underbelly with elongated antennae and tend to be a bit clearer. The saddle in the Rili shrimp tends to be blue-ish in color.

Rili Shrimp Grading and VariationsRili Shrimp Orange Rili Shrimp Yellow Rili Shrimp Information And Where To Buy Rili Shrimp Redcherryshrimp

Grading of the Rili Shrimp, be it Blue Rili or Black Rili, has not been established. No two Rilis appear alike; colors can vary from the spotted patterns on the head and tail to an inclusive “helmet head” and tail section. All Rili shrimp, regardless of pattern and color variation, have one thing in common–a clear or blue-tinted midsection.

Rili Shrimp For Sale

You won’t find Rili Shrimp at your local pet or fish store. They can be found from hobbyists and online vendors. They come in all different grades and variations, so make sure to pick from the right vendor an appropriate color and pattern for what you desire. Check out the information below for a few online vendors selling Rili Shrimp.

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