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Snow White Shrimp

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Introduction to Snow White Shrimp

The Golden Bee Shrimp is quite an fascinating shrimp. Some may also call it a “Golden Crystal Red Shrimp,” “All-White Crystal Red Shrimp” or “Snow White Shrimp”, but I like to call it a Golden Bee Shrimp. It is a very kind shrimp to keep and very cool in person.

  • English name: Snow White Shrimp, Golden Bee
  • Scientific name: Caridina Cantonensis
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Size: 1″ to 1.2″ (2.5 – 3 cm)
  • Water temperature: 68 -74F
  • Water Parameters: PH Range 5.6-6.2, TDS 80-140
  • Breeding Rate: Moderate-Hard
  • Behavior: Non-aggressive
  • Difficulty: Hard

The Snow White Shrimp’s BackgroundSnow White Shrimp Information Golden Bee Shrimp For Sale And Where To Buy Redcherryshrimp 1

As far as the real history of Snow White Shrimp species, I seriously haven’t a clue. I wish I knew where they originated from and who selectively bred them. I have a theory that this species was a hybrid between almost all white Crystal Red Shrimp and an Orange Bee Shrimp. I could be mistaken; however that it is just my finest guess. It is very exciting to me the orange color which is in there in the flesh and not in the shell. This is not a trait I have seen in any of my normal Crystal Red Shrimp. I have asked numerous well known breeders and they are also not quite familiar with its true origin either. It most probably came out of Japan.

Breeding Golden Bee Shrimp

Breeding the Golden Bee Shrimp is quite similar to the breeding of Crystal Red Shrimp. The Golden Bee Shrimp can breed just as eagerly as most other Caridina species. This deemed species will have brown colored eggs while pregnancy. It will produce just lots of offspring given that the parameters are suited for this species and the water is clean. It is said that the Golden Bee Shrimp will easily interbreed with the Crystal Red Shrimp. There are some breeders who put both species together in the hoping to make the Crystal Red Shrimp breed an upper grade.

Snow White Shrimp SexingSnow White Shrimp Information Golden Bee Shrimp For Sale And Where To Buy Redcherryshrimp 2

Sexing the Snow White Shrimp can be a bit hard at juvenile stage. Once females reach the adulthood you can then simply tell the difference between the sexes, or at least which are females. Females are simple to identify as they are bigger and also boast a curved underbelly. Look for size dissimilarity and more significantly the underbelly. The saddle of the female Golden Bee Shrimp may be almost impossible to see due to red coloration. You may although be able to perceive the saddle as it is a browning color and contrasts well with all-white shrimp. 

Feeding Snow White Shrimp

Feeding is best done just once a day. You must only feed an amount of food that the Snow White Shrimp can easily finish within the 2-3 hours limit maximum. It is not sensible to feed in excess and have the food sitting for too long. Overfeeding is a well known cause of the death of the shrimp and can also cause various water quality issues.

The Golden Bee Shrimp is not too diverse from the other algae eating shrimps. It is an algae eater and a scavenger.  The food usually used are pre-made Golden Bee/Snow White Shrimp food, seaweed, bloodworm, spinach, and algae wafer. There are quite a few different sizes of the food as well as different brands of Snow White Shrimp food and even powder food for young. Mosura, Shirakura, Tantora, and Biomax are some of the more admired and popular brands.

Snow White Shrimp/Golden Bee Shrimp for Sale

The Golden Bee Shrimp are typically a hobbyist shrimp that aren’t sold in local fish stores. Speciality aquascaping stores do sometimes carry Golden Bee Shrimp/Snow White Shrimp from time to time or can be ordered. If you can’t find any speciality stores carrying Golden Bee or Snow White Shrimp for sale. You can look below for online vendors that do sell Golden bees that I would recommend to buy from.

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