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Super Tiger Shrimp

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Introduction to Super Tiger Shrimp

The Super Tiger Shrimp is an exceptional species to have in your shrimp collection. Its yellow head and yellow tail truly offset the black stripes along the body. The Super Tiger Shrimp is in fact a species from wild that is well proficient to be bred in the freshwater. As the Tiger Shrimp becomes more widespread throughout the hobby it has become a popular species for the “novice” shrimp hobbyist.

The Super Tiger Shrimp is a great “second step” due to the fact that it is slightly more difficult to breed than the Red Cherry Shrimp, can be housed with the Red Cherry Shrimp and is cheaper than most other shrimp in the hobby.

  • English name:  Super Tiger Shrimp
  • Scientific name: Caridina cf. cantonensis “Super Tiger”
  • Origin: Southern China
  • Size: 1.2″ to 1.6″ (3 – 4 cm)
  • Water temperature: 60 -85F
  • Water Parameters: PH Range 6.5-7.5, TDS 80-220
  • Breeding Rate: Medium
  • Behavior: Non-aggressive
  • Difficulty: Easy

Super Tiger Origin and BackgroundSuper Tiger Shrimp Caridina Cf. Cantonensis Super Tiger Information Super Tiger Shrimp For Sale And Where To Buy Redcherryshrimp 2

The Super Tiger Shrimp is a wild species located in China as well as possibly other Asian countries. Once a very high priced shrimp because of their infrequency, the price has dropped considerably because of they are quite easy to breed.

Breeding Super Tiger Shrimp

Like all other species, the Tiger Shrimp will breed enormously well and reproduce around the clock as long as it is healthy and happy. The tank water must be very clean and free of contaminants to make sure that the Tiger Shrimp is indeed happy. Each female Tiger Shrimp produces roughly 20-25 hatchlings and will do so constantly if the shrimp is healthy. Once hatching a batch of eggs it should take no more than a week for the same female Super Tiger Shrimp to once again possess eggs. Breeding this species is not difficult whatsoever and I believe it is not more difficult than breeding Red Cherry Shrimp. The photo show the deep black stripes of the Super Tiger shrimp.

SexingSuper Tiger Shrimp Caridina Cf. Cantonensis Super Tiger Information Super Tiger Shrimp For Sale And Where To Buy Redcherryshrimp 3

The female Super Tiger Shrimp are almost same to that of the male Super Tiger Shrimp except for the round “undercarriage” below the females’ body. The overall width of the body is also specifically larger in the female Super Tiger Shrimp. The coloration remains the same for both the female and male.

Water Parameters for Super TigersSuper Tiger Shrimp Caridina Cf. Cantonensis Super Tiger Information Super Tiger Shrimp For Sale And Where To Buy Redcherryshrimp 4

The water parameters for the Super Tiger Shrimp are typically the same as of the other Tiger Shrimp species. A pH around 6.5-7.5 is appropriate and this species also prefers softwater. Clean water is also a must as with all other shrimp and a temperature around 74-78F seems to cater the Tiger Shrimp best from my experience. This species will breed very well as long as its water parameters are proper and the water is clean.

Super Tiger Shrimp Feeding

Feeding the Super Tiger Shrimp is pretty easy. They eat anything from blanched spinach, algae wafers, zucchini and the many shrimp food made especially for them. Shrimp Feeding is best done once a day. Only feed an amount of food that the shrimp can easily finish within 2-3 hours maximum. It is not sensible to feed in excess and have food sitting for an extensive period. Overfeeding is a prominent cause of death and can also cause water quality issues. Remember that shrimp are scavengers in the wild.  Not feeding for one or two days is fine and will not harm this species at all. Sometimes I will not feed for a couple of days so as to let the shrimp cleanse their systems and keep the water dirt free at the same time.

Super Tiger Shrimp for Sale

You typically won’t find Super Tiger Shrimp being sold in your area besides from other shrimp hobbyists. They are some online breeders and importers that do sell Super Tiger Shrimp but at a higher price over Regular Tiger Shrimp. They are still the second most popular shrimp over the red cherry shrimp. Look down below for online vendors I would recommend buying Super Tiger Shrimp from if you can’t find any in your area.

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