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Echinodorus Opacus Verde

Opacus From Verde 25n 6824400

Product Description

Echinodorus Opacus Verde

Overview:  Echinodorus Opacus Verde is the smallest plant in the Echinodorus opacus family, and it is the most popular one. It is usually used for shrimp tank due to its enormous and beautiful leaf structure. The leaves of Echinodorus Opacus Verde are colored bright green. This is a very rare plant and sought after by collectors looking for something unique in their tanks.

Size Portions: Echinodorus Opacus Verde is priced per plant

Lighting conditions: Low to High

Growth Length: 5 – 10 cm (height)

Difficulty or care: Moderate

Placement in an aquascape: Background

PH: 6.0 – 7.5

Reproduction: Propagation is done by cutting and attaching the roots to rocks or drift woods.

Growth Rate: Medium

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