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113G Iwagumi tank (WIP)

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My Iwagumi Tank Journal

Hello everyone,

ive decided to start my journal of my first planted tank. It will be an style of Iwagumi tank.

Originally the tanks was custom built (66L x 22W x 18H) to be a saltwater aquarium wall divider in my old loft apartment in Miami. Unfortunately only a couple months after the setup i moved….to New Jersey. and the tank sat in a corner for about a year because i had lost all my fish during the move and i just didn’t feel like going through the hassle of setting up and maintaining a saltwater tank anymore. i contemplating selling it for a while until one day i stumbled upon a picture of Amano’s tanks and fell in love with the planted Iwagumi style tanks which led me here. Follow me on the journey of creating my beautiful Iwagumi Style Aquarium.



  • 113 gallon aquarium – Custom built (66Lx 22W x18H)
  • DIY Sump
  • Glass-Holes 1500 gph Overlfow Box
  • ATI Sunpower 6x80w (60″)



  • HC Baby Tears (Hemianthus callitrichoides)


  • TBD

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