In 2022, How to Get 1000 New Followers in 5 Minutes Fast for Free? 


Imagine that you are working on a great idea for a campaign on Instagram. You spend the day and night doing research, brainstorming and discussing it. Despite all the stressful and intense days, your team finally figured out the perfect caption, picture and hashtags. 

You click the share button immediately with excitement and expectations, only to discover that your competitor has taken one step ahead. He/she grabbed most potential followers with a similar Instagram campaign right before you. 

This is the moment you would probably like to get more free Instagram followers fast. So you won’t miss any opportunity to gain engagement, exposure and to achieve the final goal- sales. But how to get new followers fast on Instagram? We have listed 4 ways for you here in this blog. 

Whether you’re wondering how to cheat more Instagram followers or how to get new Instagram followers without following, content should always be your priority. On the other hand, since Instagram is all about visual effects, it is important to upload high-quality images and you can never underestimate the power of content planning, captions, hashtags, etc. In addition, you must keep an eye on your competitors. What they are doing can also be your inspiration source. 

Upload High-Quality Pictures to Instagram 

Low-quality images can be the reason of your devices, but they mostly derive from Instagram compressed. According to Instagram, you should upload a photo with a width of at least 1080 pixels, with an aspect ratio of between 1.91:1 and 4:5”. Otherwise, any photo that is over the standard will go through image compression, so that the details of your picture are lost. What is worse is that every 24 hours you lose the chance to get free Instagram followers. With the help of tools such as Photoshop or Lightroom, we highly recommend you to re-size your images immediately here. 

Optimize Your Posts with Hashtag Strategies and Long Captions 

Apart from high-quality images, a fully optimized post has thoughtful caption, selected Instagram hashtags. 

Long Captions 

When thinking about what captions to write next time, you are advised to create a shared experience like most Instagram – meme pages do. Moreover, Hootsuite’s study found that “ long captions collect more engagements and comments”. That is what the Instagram algorithm likes most about Instagram so it will increase the reach of your posts to more new Instagram followers. If you have no idea what to write about, why not try a photo – generator Instagram – captioning? 

Hashtag Strategy 

If you struggle with how to get more new Instagram followers, you’d better know how to reach more potential followers. With the help of the Instagram algorithm, hashtags are another way to facilitate you to be discovered by more new Instagram followers. 

The most commented theory about hashtag research is finding relevant and trending hashtags in your niche. However, many people end up in an intense competition because the more popular the keyword, the harder it is to get high in the hashtag searches. Your goal is therefore to find the hashtags that are less competitive and best describes your content. A tool called Flick will reduce much burden on you instead of copying and pasting Instagram hashtags randomly. 

Content on Instagram is What Attracts New Followers 

Do you know what Instagram’s goal is? Connect our world? To give us a place to share our lives? Yes, they are true but not 100 percent correct. Instagram wants to keep us spending as much time as possible with it so that it can generate more profits. How Instagram does it make possible? The answer is simply simple. They reward high-quality content creators and encourage more posts and videos that will attract Instagrammers. How to discover excellent creators on Instagram? The Instagram algorithm will do its job well. 

Based on a theory called “topical authority,” Instagram algorithm will analyze your profile, trying to figure out which niche your Instagram page belongs. Then you will be able to promote your content to those who showed a similar interest in that niche if you receive good engagement. 

You must find your focus. It is always better to have something cohesive to post about. For example, if you want to grow a dog Instagram page, a profile with the most posts about corgi is much more identifiable than a profile that posts all kinds of dogs. Consequently, the former is also much easier to attract new Instagram followers fast. 

From a Safe Follower App You Will Get New Instagram Followers 

Maintaining the quality of your content creation is your long-term strategy to attract new followers on Instagram. You also have to want a strategy that delivers immediate results. Followers Gallery rewards Instagrammers with unlimited coins to unlimited free Instagram followers and likes. 

Compared to the free Instagram followers trial, your chance to get new Instagram followers is unlimited on Followers Gallery instead of once. In addition, Followers Gallery doesn’t cost you any money on how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes free of charge, unlike Instagram giveaways. 

Most importantly, it does not require your Instagram password, survey or verification. Your Instagram username is all that you need , so you should be free from worry about leaking your privacy. 

The Bottom Line 

How to get new Instagram followers is different from how to get followers who are cheating. You do not purchase fake or bot followers but use the right strategies. It can be your content consist high-quality. Followers Gallery can also be.

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