ros and Cons of Biology Degree


A degree in biology will confine you to working with plants and animals. Being the foundation of life, it remains one of the most interesting degrees to pursue. The course will leave you in awe as you understand how nature works. 

While biology is appealing, some people do not find it pleasant to study the course. The reasons range from difficult concepts to poor paying jobs and limited opportunities for innovation. Only a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of pursuing a biology degree will help you to understand the divide. 

Pros of biology degree

Numerous opportunities

Biology is a basic course. You can apply the skills acquired in different areas based on your passion and desires. For instance, a biology graduate can return to class to teach. Biology graduates also work in laboratories and research fields. An extensive understanding of plants and animals means that you will be in demand in different areas. I could get someone to do my biology homework while I chase after opportunities as early as possible. 

The wide areas of application allow you to work in your field of interest. Further, you can change careers at will, enhancing your financial prospects. In case one area of the economy is hit by a downturn, your skills will remain relevant for application in another area. 

High salaries

The reward of higher education includes a good-paying job. People working in the biology sphere earn a fraction higher than those working in other areas. The fields where you apply your biology skills and knowledge also pay higher. For instance, you may go to work in the medical field where the average pay is $100k a year compared to others with $50k to $60k salary per year. 

Entrepreneurship opportunities also offer higher returns. Running a laboratory or a research firm will come with better returns than in other fields. The rewards of completing a biology degree are enticing. 

Opportunities for global collaboration

Biology projects capture global attention. For instance, the study of a bacteria or virus will attract interest from all continents. Funding institutions take interest in your work based on the potential. Scientists will also want to see your results, resulting in a bigger network. 

The global collaboration opportunities come with excellent returns. You travel to different parts of the world at the cost of your employer or organization. Financiers will also pay for your travel and other expenses if you are doing a good job. With a breakthrough in research or because of spearheading a project, you will be invited to conferences. Such opportunities are not available in all professions. 

Biology teaches crucial problem-solving skills

Biology projects investigate organisms and their interaction with the world. You will learn simple nature tricks and how to overcome them. While some of the tricks may apply in the laboratory, they can be transferred in real-life situations. 

In other cases, you understand the principles of nature, helping you to avoid worrying about life in general. For instance, you will find ways to solve food crises by understanding how plants interact with different climatic conditions. Such enlightenment makes you a better global citizen.

Cons of a biology degree

Before discussing the cons, it is worth noting that what works for one person might not work for another. A con might not apply to everyone equally. Here are the cons of pursuing a biology degree. 

It is difficult

Biology is not a discipline for everyone. Some people consider it difficult because of its investigative nature. For instance, you will be required to understand how cells work, including the difficult names given to certain parts. It does not involve calculations and deriving answers. For this reason, you must understand remember so much. 

Advanced biology studies will take you to the depth of organisms. You must understand their habitats, foods, reproduction, and threats, among other elements. Such learning points make the course intimidating to those who pursue the course to a degree level. 

High tuition cost 

Biology requires students to use some of the most advanced laboratory equipment. The books are expensive because they involve extensive research as well as experiments. You could also be studying an exclusive ecosystem or species. Such factors make biology very expensive to complete. 

While there are scholarships, they might not cover your area of interest. You will be left to foot your training bill. ( It also curtails your potential to advance in your studies. Such factors will slow down your advancement in biology. 

Biology is not for the faint-hearted

A study may take you to the deep sea to chase after sharks. It may also lead you to virgin forests in search of insects. How about dissecting a frog or snail? Such situations require a bold heart. If you cannot handle the extremes of biology, you are better in another class. 

The rewards of pursuing a biology degree outweigh the cons. The future is also biological because people must eat and enjoy nature. It is one of the careers that offer the highest satisfaction. 

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