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Bamboo Shrimp Information

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Introduction To Bamboo Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp originate from Southeast Asia. It’s also known as Wood Shrimp and comes from the species Atyopsis Moluccenis. They are mainly found on high Islands from Samoan, Okinawa and Sri Lanka.

Bamboo shrimp blends into an aquarium and you will love watching them. They are calm and a pleasant addition to your home aquarium. For beginners in keeping an aquarium, you should consider keeping Bamboo Shrimp since it’s easy to care and undemanding.

Bamboo Shrimp Care

Caring for you Bamboo Shrimp should not be a hard task at all. Both amateurs and experienced hobbyists will find it easy keeping them and they will make less demand on your time. Bamboo Shrimp only needs moderate water flow in the aquarium.

Ideal Aquarium for your Bamboo Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp like hiding spots as well as sitting. It’s advisable therefore to provide them with a piece of wood to sit and some rocks for them to hide when they feel like. Proper diet is also essential to their survival. Ideal water parameters should be temperatures ranging from 70 to 78F, water hardness of 3 to 10 dkh and pH of 6.5 to 7.8

Bamboo Shrimp Behavior

For you to know your Bamboo Shrimp you should take time to observe it. You should then notice that a happy Bamboo Shrimp will be filtering food out of the water in the high flow area of the aquarium. They tend to remain there for hours. During molting however it feels threatened by other fish and hence will find a hiding spot. If you find it picking in the substrate know that the it’s not well fed so make sure that you feed it as many times as it’s recommended.

Recommended for Bamboo Shrimp

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Ohko Stone (10lbs)

Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp Food

Bamboo Shrimp feeds on tiny fish food particles as well as plant debris floating on water in the aquarium. They tend to love it when the substrate gets stirred up a bit like when a rooted plant shakes. This is because they get to eat the tiny food particles that get dislodged when the substrate stirs.  Bamboo Shrimp tend to enjoy eating random food particles.

Bamboo Shrimp are filter feeders. Apart from the food mentioned above they can also be fed on powdered algae. You can mix some powdered algae with a few drops of water to make a paste then release it in the aquarium for them to feed on. You should also ensure that you feed them on the right proportions since overfeeding them can result to bacterial production.

Bamboo Shrimp Molting and Color patterns

The Bamboo Shrimp usually finds a hiding spot during the molting phase. It may be behind the sponge filter, the heater or any other cracks or rocks you may have in the aquarium. After molting, the shrimp leaves the old shell in the water. Some bamboo shell will also eat their abandoned shell, as well as the shells of other shrimps like the Amano Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp. Their attractive color of the Bamboo Shrimp is worth the watch. Its color shifts make’s the beauty of nature mesmerizing. Its regular color is brown red with a ranging concentration of a mix of red and brown i.e. sometimes more brown then red and vice versa. You can easily tell a Bamboo Shrimp that has molted due to its pale brown reddish color.

Tank Mates for Bamboo Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp are calm and peaceful. They have no craws to defend themselves. They live well with other shrimps like Ghost shrimp, Amano shrimp and others. Bamboo Shrimp will also live well with Ottos, Corys, Nerite snails and Chinese Algae eaters etc. It’s advisable not to keep them together with aggressive fish like cichlids since your Bamboo Shrimp will become prey to them.

Bamboo Shrimp Breeding

While it’s worthwhile to keep Bamboo Shrimp in your aquarium, you should have in mind that there has never been any recorded breeding in captivity. Bamboo Shrimp needs saline water for its larva to grow. All shrimps available in the stores for sale are caught in the wild.

Bamboo Shrimp for sale and where to buy

Bamboo Shrimps for sale are common and not scarce; you will therefore find them in your local fish store. You will also have the chance to choose between the small, medium and large shrimps. Once you have made your choice, check to ensure that its eyes, legs and other body parts are intact. You can tell the healthy ones by considering which has good color. Check out below for where to buy Bamboo Shrimp online today.

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