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Yamaya Stone

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Originating in the valleys of Japan, the Yamaya Stone is a stone used in aquascaping as a filler stone. These rocks have become increasingly popular from aquascapers incorporating the Yamaya rocks with driftwood pieces and positioning them into hill-slopes.

Yamaya Stone DescriptionADA Yamaya Stone Aquascape Example Formation Yamaya Rock For Sale Redcherryshrimp 4

The Yamaya stone has a dark gray hue and an amazing texture to it when submerged. They don’t have a strong characteristic regarding their shapes or surfaces, with many of them being about the size of a fist. This makes the Yamaya stones excellent filler rocks, being placed throughout the foreground of an aquascape and creating a more lively aquarium.

Using Yamaya Stones the Right Way

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There are a few ways you can use Yamaya stones to create an interesting and inviting aquascape.

  • First, Yamaya rocks are used as a transitional boarder. This is to break from one substrate to another or from creating a barrier for background plants, as shown in the amazing aquascape below.
  • Second, Yamaya stones can be incorporated with driftwood. This is to fill in gaps of some pieces of driftwood that might look unappealing or awkward to the eye.
  • Lastly, Yamaya stones can be used on the substrate to create hills and slopes. This is to create more of a natural hill with textures of rocks acting like boulders within the dirt.

Specs for Yamaya Stones

  • Type: Igneous Rock
  • pH: Not Likely to Rise
  • gH: Not Likely to Rise
  • kH: Not Likely to Rise
  • Shrimp Safe:  Safe for All

Yamaya Stones are igneous rocks that are found in the mountainous valleys of Japan washed by the rains. These sorts of rocks are perfect for any type of aquascape and are safe for all fauna. Yamaya Rocks are considered inert and will not alter your water parameters.

Yamaya Stone for Sale & Where to Buy

If you live near a stream or river, you should be able to find replicas of Yamaya stones for free. They might not have the same grayish hue to them, but a day hike can find you some interesting filler rocks that almost do the same job as these Yamaya rocks. It is recommended that you do a vinegar test to see if they are inert.  If you are looking for genuine Yamaya stones, there are plenty of vendors in the US and UK selling them. The Yamaya Stones typically sell around $4/lb. at most vendors, but at local quarries, you may find better discounts. You can also check below for a list of online vendors selling Yamaya stones.

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